Annual Financial Statements of the Austrian Treasury

The audited annual financial statement of the Oesterreichische Bundesfinanzierungsagentur GmbH (Austrian Treasury) contains the balance sheet including annex, summary of fixed assets, audit opinion and management report.

Corporate Governance Reports of the Austrian Treasury

In October 2012, the Austrian Federal Government has adopted the Bundes Public Corporate Governance Kodex („B-PCGK“, Corporate Governance for Public Sector Companies held by the Austrian Federal Government). The B-PCGK is applicable for companies in relation to which the Republic of Austria is the direct or indirect majority shareholder. It is therefore also applicable to the Oesterreichische Bundesfinanzierungsagentur (Austrian Treasury).

The Austrian Treasury is committed to comply with the principles defined in the B-PCGK and has adopted them in its articles of association dated May 6, 2013. The Austrian Treasury is therefore publishing its annual corporate governance reports subject to section 12 of the B-PCGK on its website.

The initial evaluation of the Corporate Governance Report of the Austrian Treasury for the year 2017 was carried out by an external accounting company in February 2018. Persuant to the opinion of the external accounting company, the Corporate Governance Report of the Austrian Treasury is in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian Public Corporate Governance Code 2017.