Austrian Treasury

The Austrian Treasury is the debt management office of the Republic of Austria and acts in the name and for the account of the sovereign. Its responsibilities include issuing Austrian government debt and managing the federal government debt portfolio.

May 21, 2024
Austrian Treasury Bills

Results: Austrian Treasury Bills Auction

May 16, 2024
Austrian Treasury Bills

Announcement: Austrian Treasury Bills Auction

Austrian Government Bonds

Republic of Austria Government Bonds (RAGBs) are issued through the Austrian Treasury in the name and for the account of the Republic of Austria. Funding is used for crucial tasks of the Republic. RAGBs meet the basic needs of an investor, offering the highest level of safe and sustainable investments.
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Bundesschatz, the new online retail savings product of the Republic of Austria, is available since April 2024. Bundesschatz are securities of the Republic of Austria that can be purchased directly from the Austrian Treasury. Bundesschatz is available in various tenors ranging from one month to ten years. The minimum investment is as little as 100 euros.
The safe form of saving. Simple and directly invested in the Republic of Austria. More information can be found here.