Managing Board

Mag. (FH) Markus Stix
Managing Director
since June 2015
Mag. Walter Jöstl
Managing Director
Risk Management & Operations
since April 2019
Cash Management Controlling & Risk Management
Long & Short Term Funding Back Office
Financial Planning Accounting
EMU Affairs Legal
Press Relations HR & Organisation
Investor Relations Archive Sub-Sovereigns

Supervisory Board

The members of the supervisory board are:

  • Director General Mag. Helga Berger / Ministry of Finance (chair)
  • Dr. Christoph Pesau / Ministry of Finance (vice chair)
  • Univ. -Prof. Mag. Dr. Eva Eberhartinger, LLM / Vienna University of Economics and Business
  • Mag. Birgit Kuras
  • Mag. Alfred Lejsek / Ministry of Finance
  • Robert Hach / OeBFA (employee representative)
  • Mag. Sabine Denk CFA / OeBFA (employee representative)
  • Harald Weillechner / OeBFA (employee representative)

Sole Owner

Republic of Austria, represented by the Federal Minister of Finance.