Since 3 July, Bundesschatz, Austria's safest savings product, is also available in analogue (non-digital) form. Every citizen can now use Bundesschatz free of charge either digitally (with ID Austria) or by post and benefit both from fair interest rates and the security of the Republic of Austria.

  • While the account can be opened by post, the funds invested can be managed by post or by telephone via the Bundesschatz Service Centre.
  • However, in-person customer service at the Austrian Treasury cannot be offered due to spatial restrictions.

Following the very successful launch of Bundesschatz on 22 April 2024, more than 43,000 accounts have already been opened. Over 1 billion euros have already been paid in within two months. Particularly noteworthy is the high demand for Green Bundesschatz, which account for more than a quarter of the invested volume. With the introduction of Bundesschatz in direct sales, the Republic of Austria is now making it possible for citizens to benefit from the world's first green government euro retail investor product also in analogue form.

The same conditions apply to investments in the analogue format of the Bundesschatz as in the digital format. Bundesschatz are fixed-interest securities of the Republic of Austria, which can be purchased directly from the Republic of Austria in various maturities from one month to ten years from as little as EUR 100. The Republic of Austria does not charge any fees or expenses.

More information can be found in the joint press release with the Federal Chancellery and the Federal Ministry of Finance (only available in German). Further information on Bundesschatz in analogue form can also be found on the website www.bundesschatz.at under FAQs (only available in German).

You can find all the necessary documents needed to open a Bundesschatz account by post here (only available in German):

  1. Download account opening application form 
    You can conveniently fill out the PDF directly on your computer, tablet or mobile phone before printing and signing it.
  2. Download cover letter
    This PDF contains an accompanying document, information sheet and four attachments. It is for your information only and does not need to be printed out.

Alternatively, you can also contact the Service Centre by e-mail at kontakt@bundesschatz.at or by telephone on +43 1 513 84 11. Once your contact details have been recorded, the documents listed above will be sent to you by post.