Today, the Republic of Austria has published the Green Investor Report 2022, the first report on the
allocation and the climate and environmental impact of green financing by the federal government.

Last year, the Republic of Austria has issued green financing instruments with a volume of EUR 5.1 bn. After the successful issuance of the first Green Government Bond in May 2022 with an issue volume of EUR 4.0 bn (maturity: 23 May 2049; coupon: 1.85%), the green financing pillar was further expanded. With the issuance of green money market instruments, starting with the world's first issue of a Green Treasury Bill by a sovereign and the issuance of Green Loans in October 2022, the Republic of Austria has taken on a pioneering role internationally. This report now provides information on the use of these funds for the first time (Allocation Report). In addition, an analysis of the environmental impacts (Impact Report) was prepared - even one year earlier than originally announced in the Green Framework of the Republic of Austria of April 2022. 

The combined report was prepared by the Green Bond Board Management (Federal Ministry of Finance, Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology, Austrian Treasury) in cooperation with the Environment Agency Austria, which conducted the impact analysis with the involvement of other ministries (e.g. Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism) and other  organisations (e.g. ÖBB Infastruktur). The Republic of Austria was supported by UniCredit Bank AG as advisor in the preparation of the first Green Investor Report. The external review (Second Party Opinion) was carried out by ISS ESG.