The Austrian Treasury has today revised its 2023 funding outlook. The overall funding volume
remains unchanged but the allocation between short- and medium/long-term funding has been slightly adapted to reflect the increased funding needs of Austrian sub-sovereigns and affiliates, which mainly have to be covered by Austrian government bonds. The updated funding outlook includes the latest budgetary forecasts as presented by the Federal Minister of Finance in his budgetary speech on October 18.

The funding outlook 2023 (initially published on December 14, 2022) is now revised as follows:

  • Republic of Austria Government Bonds (RAGB) issuance 2023: up to EUR 50 bn 
    (vs. previous estimate of around EUR 45 bn)
  • Short-term debt instruments* change in stock: around EUR + 1 bn
    (vs. previous estimate of EUR + 5 to 7 bn)

The 2024 funding outlook will be published on December 14, 2023.

* Short-term debt stock as of end-2022: EUR 24.4 bn